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Doug & Lindsey


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News from the Krauss House

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July 2nd, 2001
Doug officially joins New York's finest.
March 27th, 2002
After a very trying and exhausting Academy experience, Police Officer and his class graduate with an amazing ceremony at Madison Square Garden.  He is assigned to the precinct of his choice, the 44 in the Bronx.  Over and beyond his duty of keeping the streets safe, he also worked a few Yankee games, the U.S. Open, and was working the Billy Joel / Elton John concert!  A job of his dreams?
December 18th, 2002
Doug swears in to the local police department. Although he loved the NYPD, Doug thought it best for himself and his family to move his career upstate locally.  Although he misses the prestige and action of the NYPD, he enjoys the 7-minute commute, home-cooked meals more often, and the possibility of a new truck; his new baby boy will undoubtedly make it completely worthwhile.
Never a dull moment for Lindsey
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