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Getting to Know Each Other...


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Doug & Lindsey

The story begins...

May, 1997
Ithaca College Senior Formal

Doug and Lindsey met December 24, 1996 in Sacred Heart Church at a Christmas Eve mass.  As it turns out, both Doug and Lindsey's parents had known each other for years, although the two kids had never met until that moment.  It wasn't long before they were speaking regularly on the phone; Doug had already graduated college and was home working with his dad in the plumbing and heating company they jointly owned.  Lindsey, however, still had one more semester left at college and had no idea what her future plans were or where she'd go after graduation ...until they met.

Summer, 1998
In the 1994 'Vette

The two continued living near one other, each with their parents, and living and experiencing "the real world."  Lindsey took her first job at a preschool for three years and loved every minute of it.  Doug branched off from the family business and began working for IBM in utilities operation.

August, 1999
Melissa and Scott's Wedding

It was during this time that Doug bought a condo and moved to a nearby town, but not any further from Lindsey. Rocky was born July 11, 1997, and life continued on.  Until April, 1999.

July, 2000
L-L and Paul's Wedding

Fall, 1999
Boating on the Hudson

June, 2001
Kristina and Jim's Wedding

Summer, 2002
Birthday Yankee Game

March, 2002
nypd graduation.jpg
Doug's NYPD Graduation