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Doug & Lindsey


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Engaged! April 24th, 1999
Night of Engagement
The Story:
Well, let's start with the night before.  Picture Doug and Lindsey hanging out at Doug's condo, having a heated discussion about their future!  Lindsey wanted to talk about it, and Doug skillfully avoided the conversation altogether.  However aggravated, Lindsey decided that she'd wait as long as she would have to for Doug.  And, of course, Doug had the ring literally in his pocket...
The next day, a Saturday, Doug and Lindsey attended a wedding of friends of theirs. Doug's parents were there, too, and brought the Corvette; one of Doug and Lindsey's favorite things to do is to drive in his dad's 'Vette. So Doug took Lindsey out for a drive, and somehow they ended up atop of Bear Mountain.
Not uncommon for them to visit, but on a day as breezy and chilly as
this April afternoon, perhaps a little out of the ordinary.
So windy, that Doug offered his jacket to Lindsey, but oops! the ring box was in the pocket. As he prayed that Lindsey didn't get curious about his pockets, they looked for a spot to sit in the Park. Soon enough, Lindsey found one of the big rocks at the top of the cliffs. As she sat, she kicked a rock out of the way and her shoe slipped off. Like something out of a little girl's Cinderella dream, Doug knelt down and put it back on her foot and began,
"Well, while I'm down here..."

A friend sang the Irish Blessing to us
Later that night...

Engagement Party
Our New Extended Family

Engagement Party
A Toast!

Engagement Party
The Wedding Party

Bridal Shower
Hat and Umbrella!

Bridal Shower
The Girls

Bachelorette Party
Gettin' Ready