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Doug & Lindsey
Christmas 2002

Happy Holidays!

Graduation from NYPD
Getting Ready for Baby Boy

Season's Greetings!
Hope this letter finds you in great health and happiness. We've had quite a busy year...We began our year awaiting Doug's graduation from the NYPD academy in March. He was assigned to the 44th Precinct in the Bronx and was both busy and happy. Somewhere around Father's Day Weekend, when we welcomed Mollie, the little black shepard mix into our home, we found out that we were pregnant and due in February of 2003. After a long summer of short road trips, and an autumn of flights to see our brothers, our time has been well spent getting ready for Baby Boy.
Our newest news, as of December 16th of this year, is Doug's transfer from the NYPD upstate to the local police department. They are welcoming him with open arms and he is as excited as his family that he will be once again working locally. 2003 is sure to be an exciting year ~
Warmest wishes!
Doug & Lindsey