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At the Hospital
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Matthew Daniel

The big moment arrives...

His very first picture...

Baby's Here!
We are home now, and doing okay settling in, considering we didn't know a few weeks ago that we'd have a baby in January!  (Guess I should cancel our reservations for Lamaze classes next weekend...) So, here's the story:
Thursday, Jan. 23rd, after my weekly battery of tests (been on 3 weeks of bed rest and weekly biophysical profiles and non-stress tests [fancy terms for ultrasound and monitoring]) my doctors let me know that due to low amniotic fluid, I was being admitted into the hospital to be induced.  Only a little concerned that he would be 3 weeks, 3 days early, they were confident in his size and growth.  Sent to St. Anthony's, "there was no room at the inn" (as my mom says) and we were diverted to Arden Hill.
At 4 p.m., Dr. C. put in the Cirvadel, which doesn't usually start labor or contractions.  After major cramping 4 hours later, they took out the Cirvadel to get me a good night's sleep for pitocin in the morning.  At the 8 p.m. check, contractions started 1-2 minutes long and 30 seconds in between.  Dilation continued and water broke on its own - he was coming, like it or not!  So I dilated 1 to 2 to 3-4 and then they told me it would be okay for an epidural.  I had already been given IV antibiotics due to a fever and I asked for a non-narcotic thru the IV because I wasn't getting a break between contractions.  As they checked again to call down for the epidural, I heard the nurse say she was going out to get "a 2nd opinion" - the 2nd opinion agreed that what she felt was the head and I was 9 cm; doctor was called in from home, and the epidural cancelled.  Afraid she wouldn't make it in, there was an e.r. doc called up, 2 peds nurses and a maternity nurse.  The whole world could've been there and I wouldn't have cared!  Dr. C made it just in time to coach the last few pushes and catch him on the fly.
After about 1/2 hour of pushing, Matthew Daniel was born with careful and wonderful coaching from Mom, Doug and doc and staff.  Doug helped with delivery and cut the cord! Although my blood pressure was still up and temp a little unstable, and he was a little jaundiced and under 6 pounds, we were allowed to come home that Sunday, with careful monitoring and doctor's appointments for both of us that week. 
The house is a mess, things not quite as done as I would have liked, and the superbowl party cancelled - but we could care less.  He's here and healthy and we are so blessed.  However, we're seriously considering a home birth for the 2nd, so I'm not that woman delivering on the highway!
Thank you all for your calls and visits and flowers and gifts.  It was much needed support for such a last minute birth.  Please fell free, those who didn't and did get to come to the hospital, to call for a visit. 
He's a blessing we want to share with the world!


Birth Details

6 pounds 6 oz.jpg
6 pounds, 6.7 ounces
We arrived at the hospital Thursday afternoon, he was born early Friday morning, and we headed home Sunday after noon, Superbowl Sunday!

Delivered by: Dr. C
Nurses: 2 Maternity & 2 Peds
Others Present: Daddy, 2 Grandmas, Pop Krauss, and an E.R. doc just in case Dr. C didn't make it!
First Visitors: Dr. I, Kathy K, Terri B, Ginny L, Kerry D